5 ways my dog makes me a better human

1. Responsibility


I have a little creature depending on me to make sure she stays healthy, that she gets enough to eat, to drink, and that she’s getting enough exercise. I know some people frown on comparing children to dogs and I am fully aware that actual human children are much, much more difficult. BUT, it is a little like having a kid. In fact, after having my dog for almost a full year (Zuzu’s birthday is in February!) I am starting to understand why some couples get a dog before having a kid.

Your dog will poop on your kitchen floor and test your patience, you might be super tired one day after work and not want to take your dog for a walk but you do it anyway, and one day your dog may randomly throw up and you are stuck trying to decide if it is serious enough to go to the vet or if she just ate some rabbit poop on a walk. All of these instances I wouldn’t have had to face if I didn’t have a dog and having to face these decisions make me a little bit more responsible every day.

2. Making me a people person (kinda)


Let me clarify: I am NOT a people person but having a dog makes it a little easier to tolerate and interact with people. Therefore, I guess you could say I am a people person in training? Dogs tame any awkward situation just by existing. They are also excellent ice breakers because who doesn’t love dogs?! (and if they don’t love dogs you don’t want to talk to them anyways.)

3. Unconditional Love


I am convinced I could be a serial killer and my dog would still love me as much as she loves me now. Dogs don’t judge and are the best at forgiving and forgetting. We all have our bad days and may act in a way that we feel bad about but your dog will never hold that against you.

4. Exercise


There are days/weeks/months where all I want to do is just sit on my couch and let my brain relax. However, having a dog forces you to get up and get moving for a little bit.

5. Outlook on Life


No matter the type of day my dog had the day before, she wakes up with the same enthusiasm and joy every. single. morning. This is the ultimate life lesson I have taken from my dog. She could have peed on my carpet, gotten a spanking, or ran face first into a tree while chasing a rabbit, but she is always so excited and happy to start a new day. I know, personally, this is something I need to work on as I am sure it is the same with many humans.

It may seem strange for some but I think all dogs are full of life lessons that humans could learn from. I love all dogs and I know I am a little biased but I am pretty sure my dog is the best.

Do you agree with this list? What would you add to it when thinking about your dog? Let me know! (By the way, check Zuzu out on instagram…yeah I am that person @itszuzutoyou)

2 thoughts on “5 ways my dog makes me a better human

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