A weekend in downtown Denver

Recently, two of my closest friends came to visit me. We’ve known each other since the 10th grade and we always have SO MUCH fun when we are together.

We spent the weekend primarily in downtown Denver (and slightly outside the downtown area) and I wanted to share how we spent our time.

A weekend in Denver, Colorado


After I got off work, we headed downtown to our hotel. (I live in the suburbs of Denver and we wanted the real downtown experience.) We stayed at The Curtis. Our original plan was to stay at an allegedly haunted hotel but we found that ghostly hotels seem to be out of our meager budgets. So, we opted instead for a hotel in LoDo which is, to my knowledge, the place to be in downtown Denver. The Curtis was perfect because it was in LoDo, it was within our budget, and it was really cool! The floors were themed and we really enjoyed our stay there.

So after checking in and eating our complimentary cookies, we headed out for dinner. We had planned to hop around to some breweries the next day so we went ahead and visited a recommended one for dinner. We went to Rock Bottom Brewery and while I didn’t order a beer (oops) their other drinks were good.

Our plan for the night was to visit a couple of different bars just to get the full experience but we ended up staying at one place the rest of the night. View House. This rooftop bar/restaurant was truly so cool. We had so much fun and didn’t even bother going to the other bars nearby.

One note I do have about downtown Denver is that there are a lot of homeless people. This was heartbreaking and concerning that a city of Denver’s size has such a vast amount of struggling people. While most of them were harmless, we did encounter a few very aggressive people and I do not suggest walking late at night, especially alone, if you can avoid it. We walked to the bar but quickly made the decision to take a Lyft back. (use ‘AMBERLYN060897’ when downloading Lyft to get a discounted/free ride if you ever need it in a similar situation)


Saturday ‘morning’ after a night out…what do you think was on our minds as soon as we woke up? BRUNCH.


Another wonderful note about The Curtis is that checkout was at noon so we got a couple extra minutes of sleep.

Here were some of our honorable mentions for brunch choices:

This is located in downtown Denver, and other locations, and they were one of our top choices because their menu was bomb and of course mimosas. (Full discloser: we made our decision based entirely on the mimosa factor.)

This restaurant is a southern food place and once again the menu looked amazing! This one edged its way over Syrup because you could order a carafe of mimosa for $18.

Both of these options seemed wonderful but we ended up picking the place that gave us the most mimosa for the best price:

Bottomless mimosas….for $8.50. EIGHT.FIFTY. Some places charged you $8 for one glass! We were on our way as soon as we looked at the menu. The mimosas were, of course, amazing but the food held its own too. We all HIGHLY recommend…and ask for Shannon if you pay Rupert’s a visit.


After Ruperts, we headed back to my apartment to change and rest up a bit. Then, we headed back downtown to visit some breweries.  We had grand plans (after stumbling across this brewery walk online) to visit many more breweries but we only ended up going to two Saturday afternoon.

I’m not entirely sure of the exact number of breweries in Denver. Some sources site that Denver has around 80 breweries and other sources say the number is closer to 150. Either way, Denver is known for its breweries. The Denver Beer trail linked above only lists 35 but is a good starting place if you are a beer lover. We only got to visit two breweries but I’ll share our experiences at them regardless.

This was my favorite of the two we visited. I enjoyed my beer here more than I did at our second stop. I ordered Grouse Mountain. Their website describes this as a “crisp…sour ale.” Neither one of my friends liked it but it was my favorite of the night. We also tried a barrel-aged cherry wheat beer that was a favorite among all of us! This brewery was fun primarily because of the atmosphere. People were laughing and the ambiance was casual and lighthearted. They also have card and board games for you to enjoy with friends (we played Cards against Humanity).

Next, we walked to Great Divide from Jagged Mountain. This place looked fun right off the bat because of the ‘yeti’ theme they have going. However, the brewery is really small and we had a difficult time finding somewhere to sit down. I got the Denver Pale Ale and it was good but the true winner of the night was the Strawberry Rhubarb sour ale. It was so good and we all liked this the best. Maybe we aren’t true beer connoisseurs because we preferred the fruity beers…but whatever we tried.

After Great Divide, we hopped over to Hopdaddy Burger (to keep with the beer theme). Our food was good and we were right next to Union Station!

Saturday night was a highlight of the weekend for me. We surprised one of my friends, Alea, with tickets to a haunted corn field. She wasn’t excited. We went to the Haunted Field of Screams and it was the perfect level of scary for me. My friend, Kinsley, laughed the whole time and Alea practically wet herself every 5 minutes. It was hilarious. This was a little expensive in my opinion but it was on par (if not a little cheaper) when compared to every other ‘haunted’ attraction in and around Denver that I researched.




Sunday we woke up with something familiar on our minds again…BRUNCH. Except this time we knew where we were going: Ruperts.

After Ruperts, we drove out to St. Mary’s Glacier for a hike. I recently decided this hike was going to be my ‘go to’ hike for visitors because it is so beautiful and also not incredibly challenging. Alea and Kinsley were big fans and seemed to really enjoy it (after minor complaints about the uphill climb.)

Sunday evening we took it easy and watched scary movies at my apartment.

Here are some pictures from our weekend:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Andddd that’s all folks! That is how we spend our weekend in Denver and I think we got to do/see a lot in a short amount of time. Let me know if you have any suggestions of other fun things to do in Denver on a quick weekend trip!

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