New Year, New Vegan

I almost titled this “New Year, New Me-gan” but I realized that was too confusing and people might think I am referring to someone named Megan.

My biggest change thus far in 2019 is that I am eating vegan now. I was inspired by my volunteer work at a local animal sanctuary. So, it’s a moral thing rather than a diet thing, but hey, if it helps me be healthier I am all for it.

My first fear when going into this new vegan diet was that I was terrified that it would mean all I could eat was carrots and almond milk. I am a woman of convenience. I don’t particularly love cooking. I would much rather pick up something on the way home so I can hurry up and do nothing for the remainder of the evening.

However, I quickly discovered that a) there is a substitute for practically everything and b) vegan cooking doesn’t have to be a crazy complicated gourmet¬†experience.

The biggest obstacle was finding a store that stocked everything that my favorite vegan vloggers talked about. Kroger surprised me with their selection in a good way and Whole Foods also surprised me but in a bad way. The best option for me was finding a local organic grocery store. They had so many vegan options and when you shop local it is easier to request products that they don’t have.

So, I thought I would share my first all-vegan grocery list. Keep in mind: this is not for someone who wants to get really fancy with their cooking and/or owns a food processor. This is for beginners and people who think a toaster is a fancy kitchen appliance.


Other brands to keep an eye out for and try: Beyond Meat, Tofurky, Field Roast, Daiya, Quorn, Violife, and many more!


My biggest piece of advice, if you are also wanting to start eating vegan, is to download the “Is It Vegan?” app. It’s free and uses the barcode of a product to determine whether or not it is vegan. Super convenient! Download it here.


Also, I will say that the only thing I haven’t found a good substitute for is milk chocolate. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, the majority of which is vegan, so I am left searching for vegan milk chocolate that meets my unrealistic standards. If you have a suggestion, drop it below!


Thanks for reading! This is just one of my resolutions but I am still considering making a post about all of my resolutions…even though it is practically February.

See you next time!

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