A review: Briogeo hair care

So, if you are like me, Briogeo has been popping up everywhere recently. Every Youtube Ad, every beauty Youtuber is doing a video on it, it pops up on Instagram, Snapchat…I can’t escape! So, I finally gave in and used one of those convenient discount codes and ordered my own magical hair care products.


*I will have a link at the end of the post that should give you a discount if you want to try.  I get points via their rewards program but it’s not an affiliate link. Anyone who signs up for an account gets this link. But hey, it’s 10% off! Why not?*

Briogeo is best known for being “6 free” which means they are free of sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, DEA, and artificial dyes. Last year I made the switch to shampoos without sulfates after doing some research. I was having tremendous trouble getting my hair to grow (still do) and decided this was something I wanted to change.

I encourage you to do your own research but I found that sulfate free shampoo preserves natural oils in your hair where other shampoos strip those oils. So, if you currently use shampoos that have sulfates and try to switch to a sulfate free shampoo you’ll almost want to stay with the other shampoo because of the way your hair feels after. I noticed that my hair felt “cleaner” and “better” overall after a shampoo with sulfates because it was stripping the oil. That feels nice in the short term but in the long term, it can damage your hair. However, after using the sulfate free shampoo for a while my hair became adjusted. Another reason people tend to gravitate towards shampoos with sulfates is because sulfates make for a better lather.

My tips for switching to sulfate free shampoo is to do it at your own pace so you don’t wind up with oily hair at a big meeting. Do your research and pick a brand that best suits your hair and work the shampoo differently. Work the shampoo into your hair and then let it sit for a few minutes. Sulfate free shampoo has to work a little harder so give it time before you rinse it out.

Okay, I probably talked too long about sulfates…sorry. So, I was familiar with sulfate free shampoo and the other 5 just seemed like bonuses to me. I’ll link some Youtube videos that I saw that further encouraged me to try Briogeo here: RawBeautyKristi’s Video, Tati’s Video, and a million others that come up if you search Briogeo on Youtube.

So let’s get into my hair problems to help explain why I chose the products I chose. My hair refuses to grow. It has been shoulder length for probably close to 5 years now and I cannot get it to grow any longer than that. I take vitamins, I trim my split ends, I use a brush and a comb both specifically designed not to damage hair, I sleep on a silk pillowcase, I drink water. I have googled all the things and tried everything. My hair. won’t. grow. It honestly hurts my feelings because I miss my long hair so much but apparently, it doesn’t miss me. On top of this, I also have extremely oily hair that is very fine, easily damaged and falls out by the ton.

So I went with:





Briogeo isn’t cheap and I’m aware that they are using quality ingredients which can be expensive but…good LORD! Thank goodness they offer free shipping for orders above $60 (which is really easy to reach). They also slipped some free samples in there and a cardholder for my phone. This was nice of them, especially since I had just dropped $100+ on shampoo.


My actual order (dry shampoo and hair mask were ordered separately)


So…is Briogeo worth the price tag? Did it make my hair soft as silk, radiant as a thousand diamonds and longer than Rapunzel’s?



Here is a quick roundup of my thoughts:

-The Dry Shampoo-

Tati, the Youtuber I linked above, raved about this stuff but I truly hated it. It didn’t soak up any oil and made my hair grosser than it was before I used it. The bottle is also infuriating to use. Just buy a $6 bottle of Batiste, which I have talked about in previous posts.

-The Scalp Revival Shampoo-

An exfoliating shampoo sounds absolutely mad when you first hear about it but it has quickly become my favorite Briogeo product. You should be careful about how often you use this one because it can dry out your hair so I tend to only use it about once or twice a week. This is great for people who love their dry shampoo and have some scalp build up or if you have an oily scalp. My hair is so flowy and healthy looking on the days I use this product. I’ll definitely be re-ordering!

-The Be Gentle, Be Kind Shampoo & Conditioner-

First off, this shampoo and conditioner smell ah-maz-ing! It’s also chop full of wonderful ingredients and is a little more affordable than their other shampoos and conditioners. I could see myself reordering these too but I think I will experiment with some of their other products first.

-The Don’t Despair, Repair Hair Mask-

I have heard magical tales of this hair mask. People praise this product like it solved world peace and I was on board. I love a good hair mask (I’ve used and loved this one for years). However, I am almost at the bottom of my tub and I haven’t noticed a huge difference with the moisture level in my hair. It has definitely improved but it was improving with the other hair products before I incorporated the mask into my routine. I want to keep giving it a chance though as I haven’t been using it for too terribly long. I also plan to pick up some of their other products in the “don’t despair, repair” line as split ends are one of my main hair problems.


My hair has definitely improved. It is hard to pinpoint an exact product to credit but I’m sure they all played a role (except the dry shampoo…) My hair looks healthier and it’s growing! I truly thought my hair would forever be stuck above my shoulders but it has grown 1 inch since I measured it before I got my order of Briogeo late November 2018. Having my hair grow is basically a miracle so I am super eager to keep up my routine (which also includes a new hair, skin, nails vitamin but more on that in a future post!)

For my next Briogeo order I plan to repurchase the Scalp Revival shampoo and pick up some new products like The Don’t Despair, Repair Super Moisture shampoo, or maybe something in the Blossom & Bloom volumizing line.


So, if you are wanting to try it out yourself – save some money!  Use this link: 10% Off Your Briogeo Purchase! It’s not much but it’s something and you’d be giving me some points that I will probably forget about but, who knows, I might use them!

If you aren’t sure what to get they have a hair quiz!

Thanks in advance and also thank you for reading! Let me know below what you think!





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